Thursday, December 22, 2011

Doing a little Elf work for Christmas. Custom made Wooden play stands. Creative play for little kids. They put cloth over them to make forts and what ever else their imagination can dream. A Waldorf teaching tradition.  Custom Woodwork for all times of the year. I can make them in many different wood species and customize them accordingly. Always having a non toxic finish they are sure to be safe for everyone. These shown are made of pine but I have made them in Cherry, Ash. and Mahogany.  The sizes of these Custom Wooden Play Stands can be varied also, giving you the exact size that is right for you. Let me know how you want yours customized. Happy Holidays! from Blue Spruce Joinery..

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Custom Furniture by: Blue Spruce Joinery

Custom Cherry and Macassar Ebony Table

This table is the start of a series of tables. I can make them in many different styles and in different coloration to suit the needs of interior space. If you have any questions regarding the building process or ordering information please post a comment.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Custom Library Cabinetry by Blue Spruce Joinery

Mahogany Woodwork by: Blue Spruce Joinery

Custom Designed and Built Personal Library and entertainment unit. The piece has a Desk on the right side including a file cabinet. In the middle is a space for a TV and stereo/AV equipment (this space can be made narrower these day due to the flat screen TV). The Bookcases on left side have plenty of space for books on the adjustable shelves. All made of African mahogany in the Arts and Crafts style. 
We can make this type of woodwork in many different styles to suit any decor.